GB Postal History 21

An attractive selection of postal history, carefully chosen by our GB specialists. This list features a very strong selection of pre-stamp material including a 1665 plague year entire and several covers from the 'Corsini' family correspondence.

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GB 1586 Pre-Stamp

Stock Code: P212011192

GB 1586 Pre-Stamp

Stock Code: P212011193

GB 1600 Pre-Stamp

Stock Code: P212011199

GB 1823 Pre-Stamp

Stock Code: P212012099

GB 1846 SGJC21 Cover

Stock Code: P212011130

GB 1840 SGME1/4 Cover - Unused set of four

Stock Code: P212012771

GB 1840 SGME2 Cover

Stock Code: G1673863

GB 1840 SGME3,5 Pl.1 Cover

Stock Code: P13408434

GB 1840 SG. Cover - Spooner No.2 Envelope.

Stock Code: P06711964XX

GB 1840 SG2 Pl.4 Penny Black

Stock Code: P212011993

GB 1840 SG2 Pl.4 Penny Black

Stock Code: P212011994

GB 1840 SG2 Pl.4 Penny Black

Stock Code: P212004767

GB 1840 SG3 Pl.6 Penny Black

Stock Code: P212011998

GB 1840 SG5 Pl.1 Cover

Stock Code: P212002647

GB 1843 SG8 Pl.36 Cover

Stock Code: P201014016

GB 1841 SG15 Pl.3 Cover

Stock Code: G1674233

GB 1841 SG14 Pl.4 Cover

Stock Code: P212004777

GB 1855 SG25var Pl.3 Cover

Stock Code: P201013009

GB 1855 SG26var Pl.1 Cover

Stock Code: P201013011

GB 1857 SG33 Pl.35 Cover

Stock Code: P201013022

GB 1857 SG33var Pl.38 Cover

Stock Code: P201013019

GB 1857 SG33var Pl.48 Cover

Stock Code: P201013020