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Welcome to our latest stamp offering for 2021. This Summer edition covers our usual broad range of GB philately with particularly strong Queen Victoria Line Engraved & Surface Printed sections as well as some carefully selected items from the four Kings and QEII areas. Should any of these areas be of interest, feel free to contact us so we can provide you with a more comprehensive listing of our current stock or any particular area of interest. 

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GB 1911 SG317 Used VFU Helensburgh cds

Stock Code: P212009851

GB 1912 SG318 Mint

Stock Code: P190012884

GB 1912 SG319 Mint U/M o.g. corner marginal

Stock Code: P201004239

GB 1911 SG320 Mint unused o.g. top marginal

Stock Code: P189017913

GB 1903 SGO112 Official

Stock Code: P190008196

GB 1912 SG342wi Mint Wmk. Inverted

Stock Code: P190000512

GB 1912 SG351var Proof

Stock Code: G1564346

GB 1912 SG372var Mint

Stock Code: P14509321

GB 1912 SG375wj Mint Wmk Reversed M/M

Stock Code: P190004032

GB 1913 SG401var Used

Stock Code: P190005079

GB 1913 SG401var Specimen type 26

Stock Code: P190012887

GB 1915 SG407 Mint Unused o.g.

Stock Code: P190005081

GB 1919 SG416 Used VFU Ipswich cds

Stock Code: P212009862

GB 1919 SG417 Mint unmounted o.g. example

Stock Code: P212002657

GB 1924 SG420d Booklet pane - Advert 73

Stock Code: P190008635

GB 1924 SG420d Booklet pane - Advert 3

Stock Code: P190016416

GB 1929 SG438 Mint unmounted o.g. example

Stock Code: P201012143

GB 1929 SG438 Used

Stock Code: P190007805

GB 1929 SG438s Specimen - Type 32

Stock Code: P201001831

GB 1935 SG439var Mint "Horn" Variety

Stock Code: P190011235

GB 1934 SG441var Mint

Stock Code: G1455255

GB 1959 SG575var Mint

Stock Code: P11206075

GB 1958 SG575var Mint - imperf three sides

Stock Code: P190006217

GB 1962 SG613aa Mint - imperf three sides

Stock Code: P190006222

GB 1972 SG914a Mint red-brown omitted

Stock Code: P16700499

GB SG997a

Stock Code: P13410593XX

GB 1982 SG1196a Mint imperf (pair)

Stock Code: P16700980

GB 1983 SGX952 Mint 17 Pin perf variety

Stock Code: P190011842

GB 1884 SG. Telegraph

Stock Code: P15608128

GB 1883 Railway - Cornwall Railway

Stock Code: P201006254

GB 1870 Railway - Caledonian Railway

Stock Code: P201006770

GB 1840 Cover - UPP Portglenone to Garva

Stock Code: P212003099

GB 1840 SG5 Pl.1 Cover

Stock Code: P212002647

GB 1853 SG55 Cover - Bradford to Moscow

Stock Code: P212001729

GB 1864 SG76 Pl.2 Cover

Stock Code: P201012373

GB 1863 SG87 Pl.2 Cover

Stock Code: P201012994

GB 1869 SG107 Pl.6 Cover

Stock Code: P201012998