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Welcome to our latest stamp offering for 2021. This Summer edition covers our usual broad range of GB philately with particularly strong Queen Victoria Line Engraved & Surface Printed sections as well as some carefully selected items from the four Kings and QEII areas. Should any of these areas be of interest, feel free to contact us so we can provide you with a more comprehensive listing of our current stock or any particular area of interest. 

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GB 1880 SG167var Essay

Stock Code: P14514984

GB 1881 SG172wi Mint U/M example

Stock Code: P190011621

GB 1884 SG177var Mint

Stock Code: P15600506

GB 1883 SG177var Proof

Stock Code: P14514894

GB 1883 SG178 Mint U/M o.g. example

Stock Code: P212009819

GB 1884 SG179a Used Very fine cds example

Stock Code: P201005090

GB 1884 SG181 Used

Stock Code: P201006988

GB 1884 SG183 Used Anerley Station cds

Stock Code: P190007696

GB 1884 SG185var Mint

Stock Code: P14517145

GB 1884 SG187var Mint

Stock Code: P14515614

GB 1884 SG188var Essay

Stock Code: P16700503

GB 1884 SG194 Mint

Stock Code: P190005019

GB 1883 SG195wi Mint unmounted o.g. example

Stock Code: P201012677

GB 1883 SG195wi Used

Stock Code: P201013315

GB 1883 SG195 Used Halifax cds

Stock Code: P190012400

GB 1887 SG199 Used Blockley cds

Stock Code: P190011774

GB 1884 SG200var Proof

Stock Code: P15600415

GB 1887 SG201wi Used Wmk inverted

Stock Code: P190010292

GB 1890 SG204 Mint unmounted o.g. example

Stock Code: P212001811

GB 1899 SG210var Mint

Stock Code: G1560761

GB 1891 SG212var Specimen

Stock Code: P09012670X

GB 1840 SGV1 Mint

Stock Code: P05613656

GB 1889 SGO15 Official Derby cds example

Stock Code: P201013541

GB 1888 SGO67 Official

Stock Code: P212004784

GB 1877 SGT16 Telegraph

Stock Code: P201006991

GB 1877 SGT18var Pl.1 Telegraph

Stock Code: P201008989

GB 1909 SG225var Mint

Stock Code: P14508046

GB 1906 SG232cs Specimen

Stock Code: P212004957

GB 1902 SG245var Essay

Stock Code: P14508190

GB 1906 SG248 Mint M/M o.g. example

Stock Code: P201007940

GB 1902 SG250 Used superb Oxford cds

Stock Code: P212009835

GB 1901 SG254var Essay

Stock Code: P14504798

GB 1906 SG255as Specimen

Stock Code: P212004956

GB 1910 SG256a Mint U/M, "No Cross on Crown"

Stock Code: P189017805

GB 1901 SG257var Die Proof

Stock Code: P14504750

GB 1906 SG259s Specimen

Stock Code: P212004955

GB 1902 SG266 Used Newcastle cds example

Stock Code: P201004109

GB 1911 SG267b Mint St Andrews label

Stock Code: P190010371

GB 1911 SG275 Mint

Stock Code: P14509828

GB 1911 SG277 Mint U/M o.g. example

Stock Code: P201005133

GB 1911 SG279 Mint U/M o.g. example

Stock Code: P201012025

GB 1911 SG290 Mint U/M o.g. example

Stock Code: P201007921

GB 1911 SG290 Used VFU "Deformed tablet"

Stock Code: P212009877

GB 1911 SG307 Used superb Wimbourne cds

Stock Code: P212009842

GB 1913 SG307a Mint

Stock Code: P190007804

GB 1912 SG311 Mint - unmounted o.g.

Stock Code: P190012024

GB 1912 SG311var Mint

Stock Code: P16700868