This Spring edition sees our esteemed King George VI specialist, Dickon Pollard, describe a wide range of highly specialised used GB overprints, including varieties beyond the scope of Part 1 but listed on the underlying George VI issues of Great Britain.

Much of the material is from the ever popular Middle East. It is the first time we have offered such a fascinating range of these varieties and the chance to acquire these is unlikely to present itself for many years.

In India, we have some very unusual CTO sets, including a set cancelled at the ever popular ‘Lady Minto’s Fete’ in Calcutta, and even rarer; a set cancelled during the 1906 Royal Tour of India at ‘Prince of Wales Camp’.

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BAHAMAS 1954 SG201/16 Mint

Stock Code: P212002556

BAHRAIN 1961 SG93 Cancel

Stock Code: P201010327


Stock Code: P201010303

B.O.I.C. ERITREA 1948 SGE1/12 Used

Stock Code: P201010279

B.O.I.C. ERITREA 1948 SGE10a Used

Stock Code: P201010277

B.O.I.C. ERITREA 1950 SGE13/25 Used

Stock Code: P201010281

B.O.I.C. SOMALIA 1948 SGS10/20, 19a Used

Stock Code: P201010287

B.O.I.C. SOMALIA 1950 SGS21/31 Used

Stock Code: P201010288


Stock Code: P201010291

BR PAs IN E ARABIA 1955 SG41a Cancel

Stock Code: P201010309

BR PAs IN E ARABIA 1960 SG56b Used

Stock Code: P201010305

BR PAs IN E ARABIA 1960 SG57b Used

Stock Code: P201010306

BR PAs IN E ARABIA 1960-1 SG79/93 Used

Stock Code: P201010307

BR PAs IN E ARABIA 1960 SG79 var Mint

Stock Code: P201010318

BR PAs IN E ARABIA 1961 SG91 Mint

Stock Code: P201010319


Stock Code: P189012249


Stock Code: P10108678

BRITISH LEVANT 1902-5 SG10ba Used

Stock Code: P201010525

CEYLON 1880 SGT1, 3, 5, 7/8 Telegraph

Stock Code: P201015456

CEYLON 1903 SGT151 Telegraph

Stock Code: P201015380

CEYLON 1903 SGT154 Telegraph

Stock Code: P201015385

CEYLON 1903 SGT158 Telegraph

Stock Code: P201015388

CEYLON 1903 SGT164 Telegraph

Stock Code: P201015390

CYPRUS 1878 SGZ18 Cancel

Stock Code: P212000958

CYPRUS 1878 SGZ18 Pl.12 Cancel

Stock Code: P212000959

CYPRUS 1881 SG8 Pl.201 Mint

Stock Code: P212001006

CYPRUS 1881 SG10 Pl.216 Mint

Stock Code: P212001015

CYPRUS 1881 SG10 Pl.217 Mint

Stock Code: P212001016