The Michael Astley Collection of Great Britain Officials

This collection has become the definitive study of the great rarities of Great Britain Officials, an area of collecting that has been plagued with forgeries for decades. 

Astley's mission to form the basis of certification for these stamps began in the 1950s when he attended some of the country's major philatelic auctions. The turning point in his study came when Astley privately acquired reference blocks from the De La Rue archive, which helped him note the position of the overprints, watermarks and other identifying features.

It was the analysis of these electrotypes that helped him certify genuine examples for the very first time. As a result, Michael Astley was considered the definitive voice in the authentication of Great Britain Officials, with The Royal Philatelic Society London (RPS) and British Philatelic Association (BPS) citing him as a reference. 

Here we present a collection much more significant than a collection of one-of-each, but an assembly of genuine examples.

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GB 1903 Official

Stock Code: P201002413

GB 1882 SGO3 Official control "X" example

Stock Code: P201005542

GB 1892 SGO14 Official VFU block of four

Stock Code: P201005598

GB 1903 SGO112 Official

Stock Code: P201002438

GB 1901 SGO17s Official "SPECIMEN" type 15

Stock Code: P201005485

GB 1901 SGO45 Official (Army Official) M/M

Stock Code: P201003675

GB 1901 SGO45 Official M/M example

Stock Code: P201002990

GB 1902 SGO21 Official O.H.M.S. cover

Stock Code: P201005926

GB 1902 SGO21 Official O.H.M.S. cover

Stock Code: P201005927