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Great Britain Winter 2019

This winter edition covers our usual broad range of collecting areas,
with a special feature of the Wyon Medal that, incredibly, has been lying in a vault since the late 1800s!

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GB 1912 SG335s Specimen Type 22

Stock Code: P178012020

GB 1920 SG351 Mint - Kermode Coil Leader

Stock Code: P190008453

GB 1918 SG362 Mint - Coil leader (Code L)

Stock Code: P190008478

GB 1912 SG364a Mint "PENCF" variety

Stock Code: P190001525

GB 1912 SG372s Mint

Stock Code: P14510244

GB 1913 SG387 Mint U/M example

Stock Code: P190004216

GB 1913 SG401var Specimen type 26

Stock Code: P190012887

GB 1913 SG402 Used

Stock Code: P189007106

GB 1913 SG403 Mint £1 Green M/M example

Stock Code: P190004577

GB 1913 SG403var Specimen type 26

Stock Code: P06707261

GB 1915 SG405 Mint

Stock Code: P190000797

GB 1915 SG407a Used

Stock Code: P189011617

GB 1915 SG409var Mint "Carmine"

Stock Code: P178011467

GB 1915 SG412 Mint

Stock Code: P178004248

GB 1918-19 SG413a/417 Mint set of three

Stock Code: P190011222

GB 1919 SG417a Pl.1/3L Mint - Re-entry

Stock Code: P190000343

GB 1927 SG418a Mint - Coil leader (Code P)

Stock Code: P190008652

GB 1924 SG418b Mint

Stock Code: G1564470

GB 1924 SG420d Booklet pane

Stock Code: P178003390

GB 1924 SG422a Mint no watermark variety

Stock Code: P190012888

GB 1924 SG423var Mint U/M example

Stock Code: P190004041

GB 1924 SG425wi Mint watermark inverted M/M

Stock Code: P190004152

GB 1929 SG434/7 Mint

Stock Code: P190008046

GB 1935 SG439var Mint "Horn" Variety

Stock Code: P190011235

GB 1935 SG439 Mint - Coil leader (Code W)

Stock Code: P190008904

GB 1935 SG439a Mint - Coil tails (Code P)

Stock Code: P190008900

GB 1935 SG441d Mint - Coil leader (Code N)

Stock Code: P190008999

GB 1935 SG442 Mint - Coil leader (Code T)

Stock Code: P190009012

GB 1936 SG457s Specimen type 32, U/M

Stock Code: P190011308

GB 1937 SG462l Booklet pane of six, U/M

Stock Code: P190006363

GB 1937 SG464l Booklet pane of six, U/M

Stock Code: P190006384

GB 1937 SG464b Booklet pane

Stock Code: P189005660

GB 1937 SG464l Booklet pane of six, U/M

Stock Code: P190006386