Magenta New

Media Coverage of the ONE CENT Magenta

As you would expect with the world's most famous stamp dealer winning the world's most expensive stamp at a Sotheby's auction, there was a lot of press and media interest.  

Following both the purchase of the stamp and its arrival at our London home our team were inundated with requests for TV, online, radio and newspaper interviews. We accommodated as many as we could – we even had both Sky News and the Daily Mail waiting in our building for the ONE CENT Magenta to arrive.  

As hectic as it was it was incredible to see the mainstream interest and feedback to a philatelic story. We cannot remember the last time that this happened and are absolutely thrilled to be a part of it this time. 

We have added a selection of clippings and links from the likes of The FT, Sky News, BBC & The Times to this page, which will allow you to experience our story with the world's most expensive stamp through the eyes of the media. Our aim is to update this page as we continue our work with the ONE CENT Magenta so, please check back often for more updates.