January 2022

When Tom Scott Came To Stanley Gibbons


Tom Scott

YouTube sensation, Tom Scott, approached Stanley Gibbons to arrange a visit to 399 Strand to record a video for his channel.

Who is Tom Scott?

Unless YouTube isn't within your interests, Tom Scott is someone you have probably seen flash up on your YouTube feed or TV screen whether you've realised it or not. He's a YouTube veteran, starting his channel in 2006, he has since culminated 4.82 Million subscribers, all eager for his next video release. He has also presented a few tv shows for BBC and Sky, so his presenting skills are extremely sharp! 

Tom's content is varied, but generally, he produces videos that are educational yet fascinating - on subjects that you didn't even know you were interested in. His presenting skills and wit are what keep you hooked. But what has he got to say about stamp collecting?

Well, not stamp collecting as a whole, but Tom approached us after seeing news about the 1c Magenta, specifically this Sky News article, with the line 'the world's most valuable item by weight' - which is a fascinating fact that he wanted to learn more about and went on to become the title of his YouTube video.

 LAM3973 crop

Tom's video has already reached 2.1 Million views! It features our Head of Commonwealth, George James, speaking in detail about the stamp and its history.

Whilst stopping by, Tom was kind enough to leave his signature on our Magenta mural wall!

Tom asks and answers the questions of what makes this stamp so valuable, and you also get a great look at the stamp! Watch the video here.


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