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A superb selection of our recent sales lists can be found here and unless already sold, all of these items are in the Stanley Gibbons online shop

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Winter 2019 Postal History


An attractive selection of desirable Great Britain Postal History carefully selected by members of our specialist department.

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Autumn 2019

cover list autumn 2019

This autumn edition covers our usual broad range of collecting areas, with particular mention to several very fine mint surface printed examples in stock; including a 6d pale buff (SG123) and the tricky 9d Govt Parcels (SGO63). We have also featured brand new George V coil material, starting on page 33 with a Downey leader showing the no cross on crown variety through to page 52 with the scarce 2d Photogravure leader in orange.

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Winter 2019

Postal History


An attractive selection of desireable Great Britain Postal History carefully chosen by our specialists.

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Summer 2019

GB Summer

An impressive selection of new material with a noteworthy mention on the very attractive George V essays by the Waterlow staff artist, L.P. Fryer.

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Spring 2019

GB Spring

Our latest brochure breaks down a ‘four kings’ and QEII collection with a number of examples included in the Downey Head section. 

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