War Bonds Slogan Postmarks of World War I

January 30, 2017 by Stanley Gibbons

During World War I, the Post Office was reluctant to use slogan postmarks on its mail in order help with the war effort, despite being in the unique position of being able to get a message to almost every address in the county. It wasn’t until 10 December 1917 that the first ‘War Bonds’ slogans appeared on mail in London, with roll-out across the country coming soon afterwards. We look at the different types of slogans produced and highlight a few rarities to look out for.

world war 1 slogans

On 10 December 1917, just over 100 years ago, the Post Office somewhat
reluctantly attached a slogan to its cancellation machines in some London offices. The government and, in particular, the National War Savings Committee recognised that the Post Office was in a unique position to assist in the war effort.
This very British institution had the means, by attaching a simple message to its postmarks, of getting that message to almost every address in the land.

So why did it take the Post Office more than three years after war was declared to assist the government in this way?

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