Stanley Gibbons to sponsor plaque honouring postage stamp visionary

Stanley Gibbons is paying homage to an important visionary who is credited as the inventor of the postage stamp. A plaque erected at the Discovery Walk is paying respect to James Chalmers, of whom/which Stanley Gibbons is acting as champion.

James Chalmers is an Arbroath-born printer and publisher who was impactful in helping lay foundations for the success of the famous ‘Penny Black’. His idea of cancelling stamps with a postmark featuring a town’s name became a practice eventually adopted throughout the world.

Chalmers established himself as a prominent printer and publisher in Castle Street, Dundee, from 1809 onwards. In 1825, he began to campaign passionately for postal reform, eventually succeeding in reducing the Edinburgh-London delivery service by nearly a day in each direction.

Discovery Walk celebrates in particular Chalmers’ pioneering role in promoting the concept of the adhesive postage stamp during the 1830s. This paved the way for the UK to become the first country in the world to introduce postage stamps with the launch of the Penny Black in 1840.

Harry Wilson, Director & Executive Chairman of Stanley Gibbons, said of the plaque: “Stanley Gibbons are delighted to be sponsors of the James Chalmers plaque – a man of great vision instrumental in the introduction of the Penny Post.”



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