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British Commonwealth Postal History List February 2017

This is the first ‘Postal History’ list from the SG Commonwealth Department for many years, possibly decades. As regular clients will realise, we tend to focus more on ‘stamps on cover’ than postal history as such, but we hope you will find this an interesting and diverse selection.
We can justifiably claim that countries from A to Z are represented, but obviously there are gaps in coverage, although Aden itself includes some very useful items while the Zanzibar section is of high importance, featuring the major part of the wonderful Griffith-Jones collection of postage due covers – a marvellous and unrepeatable range. These were the subject of his award-winning book, published in 2014.
Interspersed throughout you will find major rarities, as well as modestly priced covers selected for eye-appeal and interest.

East Africa with Egypt and Sudan List January 2017

This ‘East Africa’ list is one of the most interesting and important that we have been able to put together. British East Africa features the 1895 handstamped issue in rarely offered complete sets of used singles and mint pairs (the latter unique) and the amazing ‘Churchill’ cover with nine examples of SG 24, which has a documented history back to 1899.
KUT has a splendid selection of proofs, and two rather remarkable items from the 1935-37 issue, namely the 1s perf 13 x 12 with frame treble, two albino, newly listed as SG 118ba, and a very attractive airmail cover with the same scarce stamp (but normal).
We expect this list to be especially popular, and early ordering is advised if you discover items you need.

New Zealand List

The beautiful 1898 pictorial set is one of the high points in the philatelic history of the country, and was recently the subject of a fine book by the late Derek Diamond. This list features a stunning array of the proofs and printer’s sample, (including the lovely miniature sheets of 9), with a generous helping of the issued stamps, mint, used and in multiples. One of the most remarkable items is the 9d “Pink Terrace” in the form of a die proof in rose-carmine, with “WATERLOW” overprint, which is considered to be a unique survivor. Of special interest in the later periods are the two sets of die proofs for the 1920 ‘Victory’ issue, from the De La Rue archives, and unusual covers with the 1913 Auckland Exhibition stamps. Towards the end of the list you will find some fascinating ‘Dependencies’ material, with no less than five Great Barrier Island ‘flimsies’, unusual Fanning Island and Washington Island cancels, and a useful range of Samoa. Finally, be sure not to miss the ‘STOP PRESS’ section, which acts as a reminder that we are constantly replenishing our stocks and adding new items on a very regular basis.

British Commonwealth November - December List

We have pleasure in presenting the latest general offers from our Commonwealth stock.  As always, the carefully selected range of material included is so diverse that it is difficult to highlight items for special mention. Australian States and the British West Indies are often rather under-represented in our lists, but this time there are some real gems to be found, with strong sections of New South Wales, Tasmania and particularly Western Australia (lovely ‘swan’ proofs). Among the BWI we would draw your attention to tempting ranges of Bermuda (with a choice Ireland Island crowned circle), BVI, Grenada and Turks Is (including a beautiful 1893, De la Rue ‘Appendix Sheet’).

Falkland Islands and Antarctica List

We have pleasure in presenting for your consideration our current stock of Falkland Is and Dependencies. One of the many wonderful aspects of this popular area is that although to the outside observer it might seem rather limited in scope, with a small population and few post offices, in fact it provides tremendous variety and interest. There is always something new and exciting to attract the attention, and we hope you will agree that this list is no exception.

Commonwealth Taipei List

To mark our participation in the PhilaTaipei World Stamp Exhibition, we have pleasure in presenting a small selection of current stock of Commonwealth and Great Britain Departments. Along with a fine range of stamps and sets including many individual rarities , we can also offer a comprehensive groups of specimens, overprints, proofs, essays, errors and postal history.

Southern Africa List

With this colour list we present our current stock of ‘Southern Africa’. Although most territories are well represented, it is slightly embarrassing to note that Cape of Good Hope does not include a single triangular – a rather rare event in the history of our company, whose fortunes were built on the famous ‘Kitbag’. But don’t worry, we do have some exciting items in the pipeline. The original colonies, with attractive Natal, Orange Free State and Zululand, are followed by an excellent range of Union of South Africa, including many interesting but modestly priced varieties, essays and proofs, and positional multiples for the specialist, not least among the Officials.

Canada and Provinces List September 2016

This must be one of the most impressive lists of Canada and Provinces we have been able to assemble for many years. Dominion features special strength in the 1897 Jubilee set, with the amazing blocks of 10, important proofs and the rare full set of 16 with SPECIMEN, but there is also a full supporting cast of 20th century issues, with choice blocks and imperfs. The Official overprints are also well represented. As for the Provinces, a fine range of Newfoundland includes a used De Pinedo, while Prince Edward is noteworthy for covers and proofs. We hope you will enjoy perusing these offers and perhaps find something to add to your collection.

Leeward Islands

Leeward Islands List

This new Leeward Islands list offers a very diverse selection, with all the constituent parts of the group well represented. The general issues feature a fine series of the unique and important 1890 Keyplate essays, which seldom appear on the market. They were first released from the De La Rue archives in 1976, but have tended to be tightly held by successive proud owners! Other splendid sections are provided by Virgin Islands, and St Kitts-Nevis, both with exceptional proofs and multiples. Some of the archival ‘SPECIMEN’ items are particularly attractive, and of great rarity, while the Nevis must be the best lot we have had in decades. We hope you will enjoy perusing this snapshot of our current stock, and perhaps find something for your collection.

Middle East List 2016

Middle East List 2016

Over a year has passed since our last list of the Middle East area, but we hope you will agree that the wait for this new selection has been worthwhile.

The diversity of the material on offer makes presentation rather difficult, and as always the ‘Stop Press’ section towards the end is both large and especially interesting, as new items are constantly being added.

There really is no substitute for going through the whole list, or you may miss something exciting! A special feature this time is the number of covers, particularly from the Indian Post Offices in Persia, with excellent ranges from Bandar Abbas, Bushire, Linga and Mohammera, providing comprehensive representation of the different postmarks employed – some very scarce.

Many of these covers are modestly priced, but this is the best lot we have had for a very long time, and they will soon disappear again.

British Commonwealth List May/June 2016

Our second list of the year presents an extensive range of material covering virtually every Commonwealth country, all carefully selected and described by our team of specialists.

Both the plates as a whole and the text images emphasise the extent to which we like to focus on eye-catching positional multiples, covers and proofs, while not neglecting high quality singles, sets and varieties.

The front cover features a spectacular group of ‘inverts’, with the Burma 1a ‘Peacock’ a great rarity and the Labuan unique, while the North Borneo ‘SPECIMEN’ is a truly remarkable phenomenon. The Australia Christmas pair, one with black omitted is especially striking, although sadly not quite perfect. As for the India 4a bicolour proof from the engraved die, this is simply beautiful, and highly important, and deservedly takes pride of place.

Fine items from every continent make this a list to savour, and we hope you will enjoy perusing the contents, even beyond your own particular areas of interest. Do look out for the ‘Seahorses’ dotted through the pages, the Morocco Agencies blocks, the little Labuan sheets, and some very unusual fiscals, like the New Zealand Beer Duty Stamps.

New Zealand and Dependency List May 2016

We hope you will enjoy this very varied selection of New Zealand and related territories, covering vast swathes of the Western Pacific and indeed Southern Ocean. Our current stock cannot pretend to be comprehensive, but we like to think we have assembled interesting and unusual items from many facets of New Zealand philately. Intriguing proofs and essays – do look out for the lions of Samoa! – are joined by some spectacular multiples and a very useful range of covers, including Auckland Exhibition, Life Insurance and Postage Dues, and no less than four(!) Great Barrier Island piegongrams. There is also a decent group of ‘Adsons’, which we are seldom able to offer, with the large part reconstruction of 208 positions a distinctly tempting proposition. As always we look forward to hearing from you. Early ordering is advised, to avoid disappointment.

Ceylon List April 2016

Ceylon Commonwealth List

We have pleasure in presenting our current stock of Ceylon for your consideration. This deservedly popular country has always been one of our favourites, and this is the strongest and most interesting selection we have had for some time. The rather large ‘Stop Press’ section at the end must not be overlooked!

The ‘pence’ issues include some important rarities such as fine examples of 1/2 ‘blued paper’ (SG 16) and the 1863-66 10d vermilion (SG 58), and the unique group of manuscript ‘Specimen’ stamps. The later QV issues are  well represented, and strength in the large format high values, the proofs and blocks being very difficult to find. Exceptional rarities are the 1885 10c on 64c imperforate between vertical pair (SG 174a), and the 5c on 8c surcharge double (SG 179a). KGV is notable for a good range of plate number blocks and watermark varieties, with no less than four ‘heart of the sheet’ blocks showing Dies I and II se-tenant, and a useful group of the high values, including two 1921-32 50r corner singles with plate numbers, and a fiscally used 1000r (SG 323) – the first such example we have ever heard of. The list concludes with some interesting covers, a small range of Telegraph items, and spectacular Revenue material, with examples of the 1876 and 1882 ‘Stamp Duty’ 500r and 1000r top values which are unlikely to be available again. The unique set of colour die proofs for the 1874 Foreign Bill issue is  extraordinary.

Australia and States List March 2016


We have great pleasure in presenting a fully illustrated list of our current stock of ‘Australia and States’ for your consideration. The ‘States’ section is simply the best and most extensive selection we have been able to offer for decades. New South Wales features marvellous proof material (with further colour trials in the ‘Stop Press’ pages at the end), while the smaller group of Queensland includes one of the famous Perkins Bacon presentation stamps to Rowland Hill’s family.

South Australia is notable for a fine showing of the ‘long’ types, with some remarkable blocks. Tasmania has some wonderful covers and proofs, with the 1867 1s ‘Paris’ die proof (shown on the front cover) a spectacular item of great beauty and rarity. Western Australia includes carefully chosen stamps from both early and late issues, but is outstanding for its assembly of proof material, with many unique and fascinating items from the De La Rue archives, not seen on the market for 40 years. Australia itself has a splendid range of modern errors, before the list closes with important material from Nauru (wonderful ‘Seahorse’multiples from the BPMA archive), New Guinea (amazing ‘G.R.I.’ multiples and pieces – see the back cover !) and Papua (with the marvellous strip that provides the best example of that extraordinary stamp SG 74, the 1907-10 4d ‘mixed perfs’.)

East Africa with Egypt & Sudan List February 2016

We have pleasure in presenting a fully illustrated colour list of our current stock of ‘East Africa’, a popular area which includes several countries of great philatelic interest. As always it is necessary to emphasise that this is only a snapshot, as sales and a continuous flow of new items mean that the picture changes from week to week.

British Occupation of Italian Colonies features the remarkable multiples of the Nairobi printing of the first MEF issue, formerly in the Rossi collection, while Egypt is noteworthy for rare Telegraph issues. A small selection of British East Africa includes the very rare first set with ‘CANCELLED’ overprint, followed by printer’s samples of the 1890-95 issue, and important varieties of the 1895-96 ‘On India’ set.

Falkland Islands and Antarctica List February 2016

Welcome to our first colour list of Falkland Islands and Dependencies in the new more lavish format. We have also taken the opportunity to include NZ Antarctica (with an impressive complete pane of SG A3!)

Commonwealth Discount List January 2016

Welcome to our January list and to celebrate the New Year we have some very special offers for you. We have searched through our stock and hand-picked a fascinating selection from a wide variety of Commonwealth countries so that there is sure to be something of interest for you. Check through the list carefully as there is very limited availability and these discounts cannot be repeated, so early ordering is recommended to avoid disappointment. This offer is only available until Monday 29th February, so grab a bargain NOW!

India and States List December 2015


India proper features an attractive range of the 1854 issues with a remarkable complete sheet of 96 of the ½a die I, and exceptional KEVII proofs from a collection recently purchased. We would particularly draw your attention to the unrepeatable selection of corner blocks of the 1911-22 issue, and other interesting multiples. There are also useful QV covers, and splendid Telegraph proofs – beautiful and exceptionally rare.

The Convention States provide a good representation of both scarce QV and the ever-popular KGVI issues, while the Feudatory States present a diverse selection with many unusual items, such as sheets and covers. In fact we strongly recommend careful reading of the whole list, and hope you will find something for your collection.

British Europe List October/November 2015

Our new ‘British Europe’ list inevitably focuses on Cyprus, Gibraltar and Malta, but also features important sections of other territories.

From Ireland you will find a splendid group of seahorses, with yet greater riches to be found in the ‘Stop Press’ section at the end. The large multiples are especially impressive, including examples of a previously unknown ‘double overprint, one albino’ on the Dollard 2s6d reddish brown.

A small but fascinating Long Island selection features an example of SG 1, a complete sheet of SG 12, and two amazing ‘error’ multiples, previously in the ‘Mountrobeck’ collection. Malta remains ever popular. The most remarkable piece we illustrate is the unique 1883 De La Rue colour scheme for the 1885 issue, using the Antigua ½d Keyplate, but this has just been sold as we go to press. Still, there are plenty of other attractive and unusual items to choose from.

Southern Africa List October 2015


This Southern Africa list presents our current stock of the individual South African provinces, followed by South Africa as a whole (Union and Republic) and finally the surrounding countries (Bechuanaland, Basutoland, South West Africa and Swaziland). A small ‘Stop Press’ section brings up the rear.

Cape of Good Hope features a fine range of Mafeking with some real rarities (such as SG 6a, the 1d on ½d inverted surcharge, and a first day cover – sadly lacking one stamp but priced accordingly), and important Vryburg. Orange Free State includes eye-catching ‘Orange Tree’ panes and sheets, while Transvaal is notable for remarkable covers from Wolmaransstad.

British Commonwealth List September/October 2015


As always we have tried to cover a wide range of material to appeal to our varied collector base, from the impressive rarities featured on the front cover, including a lovely example of the Ceylon 1000r with plate number, to the less high profile, but very interesting, specialised material scattered throughout.

Particular strength this time is in Batum, Bushire and South Africa with much seldom seen material from quality specialised collections.

Special mention needs to be made of the stunning Rhodesia ‘Double Head’ printer’s sample sheetlet gracing the back cover, as well as highly attractive Canada imperforates in plate blocks – only three of each can exist. Equally eye catching is the beautiful unused Tasmania 1881 Beer Duty set of six – unlikely to be repeated!

Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Labuan, North Borneo and Sarawak List August 2015


To mark our participation in the Singapore World Philatelic Exhibition, we have pleasure in presenting our current stock of Malaya and Borneo. This has always been a popular area with collectors, and we like to think that our long experience enables us to maintain an attractive selection with something for everyone.

Along with a fine range of stamps and sets including many individual rarities, we can also offer comprehensive groups of “SPECIMENS”, overprints, proofs and essays, errors and varieties.

Within Malaya proper, FMS and Japanese Occupation are particularly well represented at present, while Borneo includes exceptional offerings of Brunei, Labuan, North Borneo and Sarawak.

Batum, Bushire and Middle East List July 2015


This list of our current ‘Middle East’ stock includes several important sections. In the British Levant you will find an attractive range of ‘SPECIMEN’ overprints, including unique positional multiples which have never previously been on the market.

Highlights are provided by the exceptional offerings of Batum – the best lot we have had for 10 years – and Bushire, from the short-lived British Occupations in 1919-20 (Batum) and 1915, both of which were dictated by attempts to safeguard oil supplies. These rank as possibly the most forged and therefore dangerous countries in Part I, but it goes without saying that all items in this list are 100% guaranteed to be genuine. Every Batum stamp has been very carefully checked, and the Bushire overprints plated according to the Dadkhah settings.

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