Specialist Commonwealth Stamp Lists

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Welcome to our joint GB and Commonwealth brochure, and we start 2019 with our only discounted stock offering.

With the market for Commonwealth material showing continued strength in recent months, this list represents a very rare opportunity, particularly as this is the only discount promotion we will be running this winter. Previous discount lists have immediately transformed some of our more esoteric stock into our most in demand items, so more so than usual, I’d recommend ordering early to avoid disappointment.

In this list you will find the fruits of considerable labours of the Commonwealth Department team of specialists, with many multiples, far more straightforward stamps than formerly, and of course some splendid rarities.  The Canada OHMS $1 used with missing stop stands out for me.  There are some lovely items from the Ian Matheson collection of South African Officials; some of you may remember his Gold Medal winning exhibit at the London International show in May 2010. There are interesting items throughout the list and most collectors should be able to find something to add to their collections.

Postal History List 2018

Welcome to our latest brochure. There are many areas where current stock is the strongest it has been for many years, so we hope you enjoy this list as much as we all enjoy assembling it.

Postal History List 2018

Postal History List

An attractive selection of desirable Commonwealth Postal History carefully selected by members of our specialist department, including many covers at reduced prices. To order, please contact Andrew Mansi on +44 (0)20 7557 4415.

Alternatively, you can email or return the order form to Commonwealth Department, 399 Strand, London, WC2R 0LX. Please quote CWPHSEPT18 when ordering. Postage costs apply, please see the order form for further information. Covers shown at 100% unless stated.

Summer Commonwealth List 2018

Summer Commonwealth List 2018

Welcome to our Summer retail list, and we hope you enjoy our new and updated layout. Your feedback on this change is important to us so if you have any comments or suggestions we would love you to get in touch.

This list presents a wonderful opportunity for collectors of GB used abroad, with choice new ranges of British Levant, Gibraltar and Jamaica all included, including some wonderful multiples with complete postmarks. The British Levant stock is the strongest we have had for some years.

South and Central Africa List June 2018

From Natal there is a fresh range of Chalons, including varieties and a most unusual usage of the 1902 3d. on 4d. Telegraph issue postally used on cover. The offering of New Republic remains strong and contains some important rarities, with many new items added to stock in recent months.

This is a rare opportunity for collectors of this interesting and short lived Boer Republic as the current range is the best we have had for many years. The tete-beche pairs and inverted arms varieties are particularly desirable.

South African Railway Officials made their debut in Part One in recent years and plenty of gems from this interesting and popular area are contained within this list. The 1905 4d. Block of four is a particularly impressive item and is offered alongside a number of rare multiples.

Orange Free state has a wide array of fresh material with particular strength in the most attractive Postal Fiscal issue of 1882-86. Multiples and varieties, particularly on the telegraph issues are difficult to find and the list contains a number of better positional pieces.

Autralia and States List April 2018

This new list of Australia and States, along with overseas territories in the Pacific (Nauru, New Guinea and Papua) presents a wealth of interesting material, with a focus on the unusual, and many important rarities.

Commonwealth List March 2018

As always, we hope you will enjoy looking through, sometimes stopping to read the detail (!), and perhaps find something for your collection.

Morocco Agencies & West Africa List January 2018

We have pleasure in presenting an attractive selection of Morocco Agencies and West Africa as our first list of 2018. Recent acquisitions mean that Morocco actually bookends the list , with an exceptional range of ‘Gibraltar used in’ (including covers and postal stationery)featuring in the ‘Stop Press’ section, which is not to be missed. As for the QV overprints on Gibraltar , we should emphasise that the listings in the new ‘Part One’ (2018 edition) have been improved and augmented , with the addition of the ‘Deformed M’ and ‘Exclamation mark’ varieties. Other strong areas are Gambia , Niger Coast Protectorate ( with a fine range of Provisionals and beautiful Queen Victoria proofs)and Niger Company Territories (with eye-catching pieces and rare covers). But there are useful and interesting items from every country, and an always careful reading is recommended.

That same ‘Stop Press Section’ includes scarce Nigeria Silver Jubilee sheets, from vignette plates that are very difficult to find.

Commonwealth Quarterly List Autumn 2017

Our ‘Autumn’ list aims to provide a broad overview of our current stock, with most countries represented and samples from many different categories. We do like to offer varieties, Specimens, proofs, plate blocks and covers (collected together at the end), alongside more straightforward fare, and as always the emphasis is on quality. There are particularly interesting sections of Australia, British East Africa (with that great rarity SG 33b), Canada (with a choice mint 7½d, SG 12), Ceylon, Cyprus, Falkland Is and Dependencies, Gambia (with a remarkable double ‘SPECIMEN’ opt), Gibraltar, Indian Convention States, Malta, New Guinea, New Republic, South West Africa, Sudan (including two major overprint rarities – SG A4a and D1a), and Trinidad (featuring a lovely SG 13 on dated piece). One theme embracing several countries is ‘GB overprints’ (and used abroad), with fine control and positional blocks often in evidence. Finally, on the last few pages you will find an attractive range of KGVI offers from our colleagues at Murray Payne.

Brunei, Burma, Malaysia & Singapore List October 2017

Stanley Gibbons Brunei, Burma, Malaysia & Singapore List October 2017

This extensive new list covers the former British territories in south-east Asia, from Burma through the Malayan peninsula to the island of Borneo. All areas are well represented, but there is a special focus on the issues of the 1942-45 Japanese occupation. Burma features a marvellous range of the ‘Peacocks’, with many multiples, and is certainly the finest lot we have been able to offer for over 10 years. Particularly worthy of note is the censored 1944 cover from Kalaw in the Shan States, ex Gerald Davis. Malaya has useful sections from nearly all the States, with an attractive selection of the 1933-34 Survey Department essays, alongside individual rarities and a decent showing of Japanese Occupation.

Northern Caribbean, Bahamas &Bermuda List 2017

Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth August 2017

This latest instalment of our series of BWI colour lists presents the Northern Caribbean with Bahamas and Bermuda. Each of the territories represented includes some very remarkable and desirable items – lovely proofs from Bahamas, excellent Keyplates from Bermuda (and a very fine Ireland Island crowned circle), Cayman Islands ‘rural’ cancels and a 1932 ‘Hurricane’ piece, the most spectacular of the Turks Islands 1881 provisional errors (SG 9a, ex Charlton Henry)

Barbados & Windward Islands List August 2017

Stanley Gibbons Barbados and Windwards Islands List August 2017

The Barbados includes choice items from a carefully assembled collection which we purchased recently, with a remarkable array of Britannia blocks and singles, many provenanced to past famous collectors such as Deakin, Sir Gawaine Baillie, Edmund Bayley, Messenger, Wheeler, Hurlock and Lickfold. These are names to savour. The proof pair in maroon of the 1873 5s (on the front cover) is a real gem, and seldom seen. Dominica, St Lucia and St Vincent are all worthy of close examination, with unusual proofs, SPECIMENS and multiples, and as always our descriptions seek to convey the rarity and interest of individual pieces. The first issues of the Saints, printed first by Perkins Bacon and then De La Rue, are always a delight to the eye. The Grenada represents the best range we have had for many years, from all periods, with the KEVII and KGV mostly from the collection of the late Charles Freeland, who had a very keen eye for the scarce and desirable. The 1881 2½d imperforate between pair (SG 22b, on the front cover) is a great rarity.

British Commonwealth Specimen List

British CW specimen list

We break new ground (again!) with our first ever colour list devoted to Commonwealth and Great Britain “SPECIMEN” stamps. The publication of James Bendon’s book in 2015 has undoubtedly raised the profile of this fascinating material, and we have detected an increase in interest and demand, which we are finding difficult to satisfy.
But we can still offer a very diverse selection which we hope you will find interesting. We have tried to include all aspects of this field, so regular “UPU” Specimens (with very scarce multiples and constant varieties) are accompanied by printer’s samples and archival examples, including remarkable GB overprints (from Bechuanaland, British Levant, Morocco Agencies and Nauru) released by the BPMA. We even have a few of the very rare Perkins Bacon “CANCELLED” stamps innocently supplied to the family of Rowland Hill in 1861, with disastrous results for the printer. There is also a range of “receiving” overprints, applied by postal authorities around the world to stamps they received from Bern, featuring items from the Gabon, Goa, Mauritania and Natal postal archives among others, and an extraordinary group apparently from Bolivia. Cyprus provides a splendid group of Specimen overprints on Revenue (rather than postage) stamps, all from the Bols collection, including several unique pieces. As a final bonus, for your convenience we include a very impressive offering of Great Britain Specimen items, focusing on QV, with spectacular rarities from the “Verus” collection.
We would emphasise that all the perfin “SPECIMEN” stamps (of which forgeries abound) are guaranteed to be genuine (like everything sold by SG) as nothing goes into our stock without being rigorously checked by our specialists.

British Commonwealth British Europe List

Stanley Gibbons British Europe List April 2017

This listing of our current stock of ‘British Europe’ focuses on Cyprus, Gibraltar and Malta – three territories whose popularity never seems to diminish, and which we have always loved.
The Cyprus section is particularly strong, with a comprehensive range of QV and the best lot of Revenues that we have ever been able to offer, featuring the Andrew Bols collection. Gibraltar and Malta, meanwhile, are noteworthy for extensive ranges of ‘GB used in’, from a fine collection recently purchased. We rarely have more than a smattering of such items, and it is a pleasure to be able to present a fully illustrated selection which may tempt you. The overall quality of both stamps and cancels is far above average.

British Commonwealth Postal History List February 2017


This is the first ‘Postal History’ list from the SG Commonwealth Department for many years, possibly decades. As regular clients will realise, we tend to focus more on ‘stamps on cover’ than postal history as such, but we hope you will find this an interesting and diverse selection.
We can justifiably claim that countries from A to Z are represented, but obviously there are gaps in coverage, although Aden itself includes some very useful items while the Zanzibar section is of high importance, featuring the major part of the wonderful Griffith-Jones collection of postage due covers – a marvellous and unrepeatable range. These were the subject of his award-winning book, published in 2014.
Interspersed throughout you will find major rarities, as well as modestly priced covers selected for eye-appeal and interest.

East Africa with Egypt and Sudan List January 2017

Stanley Gibbons East Africa with Egypt and Sudan List January 2017

This ‘East Africa’ list is one of the most interesting and important that we have been able to put together. British East Africa features the 1895 handstamped issue in rarely offered complete sets of used singles and mint pairs (the latter unique) and the amazing ‘Churchill’ cover with nine examples of SG 24, which has a documented history back to 1899.
KUT has a splendid selection of proofs, and two rather remarkable items from the 1935-37 issue, namely the 1s perf 13 x 12 with frame treble, two albino, newly listed as SG 118ba, and a very attractive airmail cover with the same scarce stamp (but normal).
We expect this list to be especially popular, and early ordering is advised if you discover items you need.

New Zealand List

Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth New Zealand December 2016

The beautiful 1898 pictorial set is one of the high points in the philatelic history of the country, and was recently the subject of a fine book by the late Derek Diamond. This list features a stunning array of the proofs and printer’s sample, (including the lovely miniature sheets of 9), with a generous helping of the issued stamps, mint, used and in multiples. One of the most remarkable items is the 9d “Pink Terrace” in the form of a die proof in rose-carmine, with “WATERLOW” overprint, which is considered to be a unique survivor. Of special interest in the later periods are the two sets of die proofs for the 1920 ‘Victory’ issue, from the De La Rue archives, and unusual covers with the 1913 Auckland Exhibition stamps. Towards the end of the list you will find some fascinating ‘Dependencies’ material, with no less than five Great Barrier Island ‘flimsies’, unusual Fanning Island and Washington Island cancels, and a useful range of Samoa. Finally, be sure not to miss the ‘STOP PRESS’ section, which acts as a reminder that we are constantly replenishing our stocks and adding new items on a very regular basis.

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