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Post Office Museum Opened in the Falkland Islands

It’s not every day that it is possible to report that a new post office museum has opened, but now the Falkland Islands finally have one of their own. At about 100 years old, the Old Post Office House at Fox Bay, West Falkland, is the oldest remaining post office building in the Falklands. A small wireless station was opened at Fox Bay in November 1918 and it would appear that from then onward, the wireless operator on duty there also combined the work of the Post Office. The post office remained in this house until about 1988, when it moved into the village store. In 2014, Stefan Falkland Hejijz was able to acquire this house, which is one of the most historically important buildings on West Falkland.

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Fox Bay Post office in the 1930s

After one season of renovations, together with Hugh Osborne FRPSL, the house has been returned to a more attractive and original state. The old Post Office part of the building has been turned into a post office. The new museum was officially opened on 8 March 2015 and some 40-50 people, including many children, attended.

Post Office now

Post Office now

The displays in the museum can be grouped into four sections: The history of the house, the history of the Fox Bay Post Office, the history of the postmarks used at Fox Bay between 1899 and today, and a display of old Fox Bay covers. The museum is open on demand. When Stafan, who is also the Museum Curator, is not in Fox Bay, the Village Agents will be happy to open the museum and house to anybody who wants to have a look.

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