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Music Giants: David Bowie

On 14 March Royal Mail’s Music Giants series will make an encore with a set of ten stamps honouring one of the most influential music and cultural figures of all time – David Bowie. In July 2016 Royal Mail released a similar set dedicated to the music and live performances of progressive rock legends Pink Floyd. In a similar format to the Pink Floyd issue, the David Bowie release will comprise six sheet stamps depicting some of his most admired and defining albums, along with a four-stamp miniature sheet showing Bowie performing live on stage across four decades.

While British bands have been honoured with dedicated stamp issues in the past – The Beatles (2010) and Pink Floyd (2015) – the Bowie set marks the first time that Royal Mail has dedicated an entire stamp set to an individual music artist or cultural figure.
However, this is not the first Royal mail issue to feature Bowie’s music; the 1972 album cover for The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars was featured in the Classic Album Covers stamp set issued in January 2010.

To read more about this iconic commemoration, see the latest GSM.

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