From a fledgling stamp auction house holding its first auction in October 1901, Stanley Gibbons Auctions Department has grown into one of the largest and most respected auction houses in the world. Backed by 150 years of philatelic experience, we offer a range of services from the prestigious public auctions to our popular Postbid range.

We have 220,000 collectors on our database and they all have one thing in common – they are all looking to buy stamps.

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Stanley Gibbons 'May' Postbid has just over 2,000 lots from the British Commonwealth, Foreign Countries and Great Britain with good sections from a range of countries, so hopefully there will be something of interest to fill a few gaps in your collection. Unfortunately while we are not able to have images of every lot in the catalogue, we are happy to supply scans on any lots. Please email Chris Wilkins and he would be happy to supply these.

Please note the sale closes at midday on Thursday 25th May.

Postbid Auction 5889





The Eddison Collection of New Guinea & Papua

John Eddison’s outstanding stamp collection mirrors his deep passion for Papua New Guinea, the country and its people. May these stunning and meaningful stamps continue to give great pleasure, wherever they go.

Eddison Post Auction 5890


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