Sicily Syracuse Silver Tetradrachm.

Sicily Syracuse Silver Tetradrachm.
King (reign): Syracuse (Second Democracy, 466-405 B.C.)Denomination/metal: Silver TetradrachmDate/mint mark: 415-405 B.C.Type Reverse die signed by the artist EumenosRef. no: Tudeer 18c (V7/R12) (this coin); SNG ANS 256 (this reverse die)Obv. Charioteer, wearing a long chiton and holding a kentron and the reins, driving a fast quadriga to left, Nike flies above to right to crown the charioteer, a crane standing left below the horses, a fish chased by a dolphin to left in exergue Rev. SYPAKOSIO-N, head of Arethusa facing left, wearing a necklace, four dolphins swimming around, signed EVMHNOV below neckVF - Well-centered on a broad flan, of excellent Classical style, the work of a master engraver, toned, very fine and with a wonderful old pedigree.

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