Roman, Claudius gold Aureus struck AG 44- 45.

Roman, Claudius gold Aureus struck AG 44- 45.
Obv: Laureate head right, TI CLAVD CAESAR AVG P M TR P IIII.

Rev: Pax-Nemesis, winged, advancing right, spitting into peplos and holding caduceus pointed towards serpent moving right, PACI AVGVSTAE.

Some wear – but all the details are clear on this 'large flanned' coin. The symbolism of Peace presiding over a serpent is obvious and a message that Claudius conveyed to the people through the medium of the circulating coin. Despite his lack of experience, Claudius proved to be an able and efficient administrator. He was also an ambitious builder, constructing many new roads, aqueducts, and canals across the Empire. During his reign the Empire conquered Thrace, Noricum, Pamphylia, Lycia and Judea, and began the conquest of Britain. Having a personal interest in law, he presided at public trials, and issued up to twenty edicts a day.

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