No Longer Available - Self Illuminating Clear Dome Magnifier

Stock Code: RCDM4X

This beautifully crafted Dome magnifier has a 4 times magnification, and with its thoughtful design the magnifier gently illuminates any stamp underneath it in a lit room for clear visibility through light refraction. This means that batteries are not needed for an excellent viewing experience.

Through the magnifying glass, stamp designs appear in detailed close-up and are seen to be miniature works of art. You can see the lines or cuts which make up a portrait or scene on an engraved stamp or study the quality and peculiarities of the other printing processes – the graduated ‘dots’ of photogravure or the smooth honeycomb background of lithographed stamps.

You will also enjoy looking for errors and varieties many of which are visible only through a glass.


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Sorry - this product is no longer available.

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