Safe Drying Press 220 Volt

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Safe Electric Stamp Drying Press. Forget the old drying book which has to be weighed down with a number of thick books.

Now it's a real pleasure to dry and press your stamps. The new safe-press will dry your stamps unbelievably fast and press them perfectly flat at the same time. This process can be continued "production line" style.


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Safe Drying Press 220 Volt - $275.03*


  • Drying and smoothing in world record time.
  • The SAFE-press dries your detached stamps incomparably fast and smoothes the stamps gently. Forget the old dry book!
  • On the underside of the drying press is a stainless steel sheet, covered with a dry cloth, whereupon the stamps are laid. Beneath this is the blower, which transports the moist air from the drying of the marks. The upper part of the press is provided with a smooth, teflon-coated special sheet, which is heated.
  • Equipment of the SAFE-press:
    • With special heating elements
    • With a circulating fan
    • Mains connection 220 V
    • Dimensions: 340 x 310 x 75 mm
    • Dimensions of the usable area: 180 x 280 mm

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