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Find your initials on a Penny Black or make that gift even more special by giving your loved one a Penny Black with their initials on - the ultimate gift for anyone who admires and desires this iconic stamp.

Use the finder below to search for your Penny Black initials. Each Penny Black was printed with two letters on it, one in each of the bottom corners. Please note that the first initials are only available for letters A-T and the second initials for letters A-L.

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Search for the initials that you're looking for using the dropdown boxes, then click Search.


Unable to find a Penny Black with the correct initials? Due to the number of Penny Blacks printed in each sheet only certain combinations of initials are available. If you would like to be notified when a Penny Black with your initials becomes available at Stanley Gibbons, get in touch with our Customer Services Team by emailing

Alternatively, why not find a Penny Red with your initials.


To help you learn all about the Penny Black we have put together a range of information and items, including free downloads:

  • A free PDF guide detailing more of the story behind the Penny Black plus some unusual facts that you may not be aware of
  • Details of the Treasury Competition and the medal that inspired the Penny Black
  • An introduction to the ways in which Penny Blacks can be collected, including issued stamps, varieties, cancellations and trials
  • A collection of supporting publications and albums, including an excellent free PDF article from Gibbons Stamp Monthly
  • An exclusive offer to display your Penny Blacks to their very best advantage
  • A range of gifts.


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All stamp collectors aspire to own a Penny Black, it is the world’s first and undoubtedly the most famous stamp of them all, but it is also one of the most beautiful stamps with its classic simplicity and fine engraving, and one of the most interesting, providing an opportunity to build up a substantial collection based on just this one stamp.

So, how do you collect Penny Blacks? Well, like most things in philately, the choice is yours, there is no right and wrong way, you can do as you please or as your pocket will allow, but this article aims to give you a few ideas. 

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