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My Collection allows you to...

View & Manage your
collection online

Identify stamps from around
the world & their prices

Add them to
your collection

Keep a note of
your wants

Create your own
virtual album

Why is it so much better than before and how can it help you?

  • New technology enables use on all devices, PC, tablet, and mobile
  • Versatile and powerful search options to locate stamps and their prices
  • Fully customisable: add stamps to specific albums, upload your own images and include your own details
  • Keep a note of your ‘wants’
  • A handy summary section lists the number of your stamps by country and album plus their catalogue value
  • Output all the information, including any details you have added, into a spreadsheet (feature available after purchase)
  • Updated Prices
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My Collection features in detail

  • Based on the latest details and prices from the renowned Stamps of the World catalogue
  • Around 500,000 stamps and 180,000 images from over 730 countries/regions
  • Uses the universally recognised SG catalogue numbers
  • Ideal for the thematic and multi-country stamp collector.
  • 4 Handy guides including ‘How to identify stamps’
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