England Celtic - 5 BC Stater - (AEF) Hammered Gold

England Celtic - 5 BC Stater - (AEF) Hammered Gold
Country: England, Celtic King (reign): Tasciovanus (Catuvellauni)Denomination/metal: Gold StaterDate/mint mark: (mint dates are approximate)Type: Hammered Third coinageRef. no: ABC 2580; BMC 1629ff; vA 1780-5; S 219Obv. Inscribed in a central panel over a cruciform wreath 'TASCUO RICON' Rev. Horseman with sword and shield turning right on horse left, pellet in annulet below, annulet left19mm, 5.51g. AEF - About Extremely Fine. Well struck although obverse a little off centreThe Catuvallauni were one of the two main tribes just north of the Thames, concentrating in the Hertfordshire and surrounding countires area. This coin was issued towards the end of Tasciovanos's reign in circa 5BC to 5AD when Tasciovanos subdued Andoco, a princling (his son ?) of the Catuvellaini who ruled around Baldock, and proclaims his supreme leadership of the Catuvellauni. The design of this coin is clearly

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