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Video Guides

Wondering how to start or advance your stamp collection?

From mounting stamps to using a watermark detector, our experts demonstrate some of the most basic concepts of the hobby. Also, learn more about Stanley Gibbons and its history in these videos.

How to mount stamps

George James, head of SG's Commonwealth department, provides a visual guide through using stamp hinges and mounts.

How to detect watermarks

Discover the hidden rarities in your collection with this best selling handheld tool. It is simple to use and multiple colour settings and provides additional help when identifying more difficult watermarks.

How to detect phosphor papers and inks

Learn more about the archetypal tool for detecting phosphor papers and inks for the majority of the 20th Century Machin stamps.

General FAQs

Stanley Gibbons Managing Director Victoria Lajer and Head of Commonwealth Department George James answer the most frequently asked philatelic questions in this video.

How to use "Part One"

George James, head of the commonwealth department at Stanley Gibbons, provides a guide through one of our most famous catalogues.

How we value a collection

Oscar Young, of our auctions valuations team, explains how -over time- our philatelic experts can begin to value a stamp collection from the very first glance.

Watch more

Our YouTube channel is frequently updated with new videos answering frequently asked questions and giving collectors a behind-the-scenes look at Stanley Gibbon's world-famous stamp showroom.

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