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Rhodesia Stamp Album available now

The Rhodesia Stamp Album, published by Peter Bale Philatelics of Johannesburg, South Africa, is available to order through Stanley Gibbons now. The album covers the remit of Rhodesian Study Circle, from 1891 to 1953 and includes spaces for all the stamps of British South Africa Company Territory, Southern, Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia, British Central Africa and Nyasaland Protectorate.

All of the catalogue-listed, main number shades of the Rhodesia Admirals and Double Heads are included, as are ordinary and chalk-surfaced papers. Spaces are also included for changes of watermark, paper, perforation, die and type – but not for inverted and/or reversed watermarks, errors and shades.Stanley Gibbons has kindly approved the use of their catalogue numbers and additional images have been provided by Tracinda publications.

The publisher also provides a ‘custom page’ service to customers who want to add their own special items, such as pairs, blocks, varieties, postal history and postal stationery on pages. These pages use the same typeface, spacing, etc as the main album to produce a more professional presentation. A sample customer page is included with each album, along with five blank pages to allow customers to create their own custom pages.The Rhodesia Stamp Album is priced at £199.95.

Rhodesia Stamp Album
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