Sell your stamps with Stanley Gibbons Auctions


Should you choose to sell your stamps through auction, Stanley Gibbons offer free stamp valuations and will advise on how best to sell your stamp collection. Our experts will provide written stamp valuations and offer sale by public auction.

We are open Monday to Friday 10.00am to 4.00pm at 399 Strand, London and we would be happy to book an appointment for you with a member of the auction team who would value the collection with a view to purchasing it directly from you or offering the collection for sale via auction. Please note that large or more complex collections might need to be kept for valuation over a period of one to two weeks especially during busy periods.

We are also happy to receive collections for valuation via the mail or for larger collection we have a contract with Parcel Force who could pick the collection up from you and deliver it here to us in London. However we would usually suggest that if possible, sample scans from the collection be sent in the first instance.

For large or more valuable collection we are usually able to arrange a home visit if this is preferable. 

We have over 150 years experience in stamp valuations and have successfully built up a life-time of knowledge and market awareness. Our team of experts have a firm understanding of the global stamp market and will ensure that you obtain the best price for your collection.


What to do if you want to sell through Stanley Gibbons Auctions 
Material can either be sold directly to us or through our auction describing service. Our team of specialists is available to give advice regarding the best method of sale to suit individual client’s needs and to achieve the maximum realisation.


Appraisals and Valuations 

We are happy to give advice on the potential value of stamps, postal history and collections. In fact, anything philatelic. 
However, to be able to give a formal valuation we need to be able to examine the items in question as a number of factors affect values including, of course, condition. For example, an 1840 1d black in fine used condition with four complete margins and without any faults may be worth between £50 and £250, but another which does not have four margins or is creased may only be worth £5 to £25.
If you would like further details or advice on selling from one of our professional appraisers, please contact us:

UK Support: 0800 611 622

International: +44 1425 472 363

Email: Ryan Epps - +44 (0) 20 7557 4416 or 

Steve Matthews - +44 (0) 20 7557 4423 

David Flint - +44 (0) 20 7557 4411 

Ario Dorigo - +44 (0) 20 7557 4415


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